Resources for creating a culture of safe freediving.


  1. Video of Sergio spearfishing blackout
  2. Video of Ashley discussing the above blackout,t she was there when it happened.
  3. My Free online freediving safety course
  4. My podcast Freedive Live or search on your favorite podcast service
    1. Episodes with a focus on safety
      1. How to tell if you are wearing too much weight.
      2. What I learned from my 3 blackouts
      3. 2 False beliefs most freedivers and spearfishermen have regarding blackouts 
      4. Why I believe spearfishing is much more dangerous than competitive freediving
  5. Tuesday Tips – Ten 60 seconds videos covering the most common questions I get regarding freediving. Many include great safety information. You can see all 10 videos here on youtube here ->.
  6.  My best articles on freediving safety


My most helpful online freediving courses

Here is a link to all of my online courses @


Struggling to equalize your ears between 15-40ft?   I have an online course that has taught over 1,000 people to overcome this issue.


Struggling to equalize your ears between 80-130ft? I have a course dealing with these intermediate equalizing issues here


Free course on how to increase your bottom time by taking a 20-30% bigger breath.