I generally run freediving courses from May through November in Fort Lauderdale.  If my courses (Immersion Freediving) out you can check out many of the courses I have listed on this page.

Here is some general advice when researching various freediving courses from all of the different agencies. By asking these questions you will get a better idea of what you are purchasing, and how to compare different classes.  Remember the goal is not the certification card, the goal is learning & training.

#1 How many hours in the classroom?

#2 How many hours in the pool?

#3 How many hours actually diving in the ocean?

#4 How many students are in the class?

#5 What is the name of the instructor and can you talk to him or her. You should absolutely talk to your specific instructor before you book.  This way you can make sure you are comfortable with them and see how they answer your questions.

#6 How many years has your instructor been teaching freediving?

You will learn more in a freediving course that has longer classroom sessions, more time training in the pool, and more time diving in the ocean, than courses that have less.

You will likely learn more from an experienced instructor with many years of teaching experience than a newer instructor.

Good luck on your freediving journey, dive safe out there, it’s not even that hard!

Immersion Freediving (Ted Harty)

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Agency: PFI

Performance Freediving International

Lists many of the PFI courses taught throughout the USA.
Agency: PFI

Evolve Freediving

Wilmington, NC
Agency: PFI

East Coast Divers

Boston, MA
Agency: SSI

Phase 3 Freediving – Chris Bustad (PFI Instructor Trainer)

Tacamo, Washington
Agency: PFI

Front Line Freediving

Wilmington, NC
Agency: PADI

Freediving Instructors International

Lists most of the FII courses throughout the USA.
Agency: FII

Abyss Freediving

Apollo Beach, FL
Agency: PFI

Blue Alchemy Freediving

Fairfax, VA
Agency: PFI


Agency: PADI

Blue Water Freedivers

Orlando, FL
Agency: PADI

Drift Freediving

Pompano Beach, FL
Agency: FII

Oregon Freediving

Oregon City, Oregon
Agency: NAUI

Johnny Sunnex

Dominica, Egypt, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia
Agency: AIDA

PADI Freediver Centers

Lists all PADI Freediving Centers
Agency: PADI

Deep Freediving

Agency: FII

Bobby Kim

Costa Rica, US Virgin Islands, Florida
Agency: FII

Deep Sea Bonaire (Carlos Coste)

Agency: PADI & AIDA

Erroll Putinga

Jupiter, FL
Agency: FII

High Performance Freediving

Oahu, HI
Agency: PFI

MBAY Freediving

Monteray Bay, California
Agency: PFI

Discover Your Depths – Sarah Campbell

Agency: DYD